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13 Commits (fix-email-address-maintenance-bug-1543)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Wytze van der Raay 81932bfd0a Combined fixes for
  "Add a web page indicating the certificate request is still pending"
  "Implement to log the SE activity"
  "Inconsistency in Assurance Management"
10 years ago
Wytze van der Raay 32fca654cb Fix for
"performance of CAcert webserver is hampered by simultaneous stats.php
11 years ago
Philipp Dunkel e13773e1f1 Added Caching Support 15 years ago
root 3e90c6f09b Improved register_globals 16 years ago
root 4b3ff10393 Added CATS statistics 16 years ago
root afccfceb56 Changed license to GPLv2 16 years ago
root bb7b042f57 updates 19 years ago
root 40a0cc9ebd updates + added api 19 years ago
root a6b119b9ce bug fixes more code more lang updates 19 years ago
root d503426b34 removed mysql.php 20 years ago
root 92ac6c9a79 bug fixes 20 years ago
root c9a48ec847 bug fixes 20 years ago
root 06fbc884c5 bug fixes, added stats page 20 years ago